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3/16/2013 1:03:00 PM
Letter: Wishy-washy Republicans are dangerous


The recent actions and speech of some prominent Republicans causes me to shudder when I think about their potential influence on the voters and especially how they may confuse a lot of “conservative” voters. The three I believe to be the most prominent and the most dangerous to our National wellbeing at present are apparently trying to divide the Republican Party, which may very easily destroy the GOP from the inside.

The core of the GOP is “conservatism,” which includes: individual responsibility, individual liberty, government fiscal accountability, government social accountability and an almost dogmatic adherence to constitutional law. These “core principles” have been eroded badly especially since the mid 1930s with the compromises with the liberals and the influx of progressive Republicans into the party. The only conservative president we have had in the past eighty years was Ronald Reagan and for some reason (I believe it was clandestine threats) he ended up with a progressive (New World Order) George H.W. Bush as vice-president. Reagan was a conservative before he got shot, which seemed to take something away from him.

If Obama fails in his attempts to totally destroy the United States economy, the GOP is probably going to go through a dynamic transition or collapse; it is too divided to stand as it is, with Wishy-washy Weasels: Karl Rove, John McCain and Lindsey Graham on one side and we conservatives on the other side. The three aforementioned “Weasels” have done so much saying one thing and doing something else that it is difficult to distinguish them from “liberal Democrats” more specifically:

Karl Rove – has undermined conservative candidates in the 2010 Election and the 2012 Election and I’m convinced his efforts cost the GOP several state elections including helping Sen. Harry Reid win re-election in Nevada.

John McCain – sabotaged his own presidential election in several ways like minimizing the power he had gained at the RNC Convention by undermining Sarah Palin, who by the way had more actual “executive experience” than McCain, Obama or Biden; probably as much as all three of them put together and McCain and his staff would not let her speak her mind and no one in his group of supporters dared to mention Obama’s middle name “Hussein” because McCain thought that was a disparaging remark.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham – helped turn both Libya and Egypt hard against Israel by helping build a “Muslim extremist bastian” in each of them and then play the other side of the fence when things go the way that should have been easily predictable. I believe both of these senators are and have been “water boys for the Obama Dynasty” and their attacks on Rand Paul and on the Tea Party pretty well cinch that my beliefs are correct.

How many other RINO’s we have undermining the Republican Party name I do not know but in order for the GOP to stand as a viable political party we need to purge ourselves of factions Rockefeller Republicans, progressives, and moderates.

Leadership that is born of a man (male or female) that has and displays the courage of his own convictions is so rare today that I long to see and hear a 1980 Ronald Reagan and I see some of those attributes in the members of the modern day “Tea Party.”

Dale Gohr


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Reader Comments

Posted: Friday, March 22, 2013
Article comment by: Matthew Holmes

itsy bitsy, I see no real differences in your comparisons between our congressional-presidential system and proportional systems. We live in a fascist state that deludes the majority into thinking that we actually have choices. In reality the two parties (i.e., their leadership) decide who will be on the ballot, and then we get to choose between Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dumb. If I want to vote for Alice or the White Rabbit, well tough sh-t. What proportional representation would accomplish is more parties, more candidates, and more choices. This would force the two-party fascists to take into account all those voices that are currently alienated from the process. Nearly half of potential voters in this country do not vote. Perhaps because they feel they have choice, no voice, no one to represent them, and so refuse to participate.

Yes the Nazis came to power in a proportional system, but can we blame this system for their rise? Not hardly. The Treaty of Versailles and the bankers were the real culprits. While I certainly disagree with Hitler's racist views, the Germans had every right to shove that treaty up the backside of their neighbors. As for the bankers, I say we should follow suit and get the trains and ovens ready and let them burn. At the very least, the Wall Street finance capitalists should be swinging from the trees for causing the collapse of our economy.

Posted: Friday, March 22, 2013
Article comment by: itsy bitsy Spider

Thank you for an extremely thought provoking comment, Mr. Holms.

Something else to think about, though: The Parliamentary democratic system you favor doesn't always function that well either.

When a broad spectrum is represented, as in England and France, the coalitions necessary to function at all often produce odd bedfellows and odder policies. The government is often hijacked by a minority faction that could align with the opposition and bring the government down. Which creates less stability and even more political maneuvering than in our Presidential system. Parliamentary monarchies seem to have an advantage, although Germany is doing better than Japan, at the moment, and Israel functions better Thailand.

When one party holds a decided majority, as in Singapore, the Prime Minister is a virtual dictator who sets policy to benefit that party's interests and often chooses his/her successor. This is great for the majority, but the minority has no influence--and no rights--at all.

BTW: Wasn't the Weimar Republic Parliamentary?

Posted: Thursday, March 21, 2013
Article comment by: Matthew Holmes

Mr Gohr, I know many Democrats who strongly believe in the core principles of conservatism as you outlined, and yes, others who do not. For instance, some Democrats are very opposed to abortion, but even more opposed to government (especially men) dictating to women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. You'll not find the "right to life" anywhere in the Bible. In fact, in Biblical law, as in most other ancient cultures, the only one with any real rights was the freeman, the husband, the head of the household. He held the right to life or death over everyone in his household. Another common thread running through these ancient cultures was that a newborn infant was not even consider a human being until the father accepted it and gave it a name. Until then he could, and did, take the baby somewhere and leave it. It might die, or perhaps be picked up by someone to be raised as a slave, concubine, or prostitute.

The climate of extremist hyperbolic political discourse in this country is beginning to resemble the same climate that led to the rise of the Nazi Party and Hitler in pre-WWII Germany. What we really need is not for the Republicans to move further right, or the Democrats to move further left (I don't even consider Dems leftists, they're more just barely left of center, in my opinion). What we need is to end the two-party tyranny and implement proportional representation. I believe such electoral reform would be a good solution to the problem you raise.

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013
Article comment by: Mitt and the rest of the non Americans failed the GOP with no moral compass

By not having a true vision that moral Americans could identify with the Rep' party sank. The first interviews of GOP's had talking points saying they need to convince the people that they stand for this or that, "CONVINCE"? Speak the truth and stand for everyone not just $$$. We don't need to sell out common people, we don't need to abolish EPA so the Koch brothers can pollute our American land. RESPECT THE BEAUTY OF OUR NATION AND ALL IT'S PEOPLE.BE AMERICAN, BE HONEST, BE MORAL. MITTS CAMPAIGN WAS SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013
Article comment by: Ryan Jensen

As a Democrat, I encourage all Republicans and conservatives to take Dale´┐Żs words to heart and do exactly as he is suggesting. Please´┐Żmove farther to the right.

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013
Article comment by: in reality wishy washy reps are in fact... .

far less dangerous that the variety that penned the original letter.

'wishy washy' - allowing for new information to penetrate your thought bubble and using common sense and logic to consider that info... seems entirely reasonable.

the option is to have folks so closed off and insulated from reality that they descend into some sort of denial of reality fun house, where they claim polls are rigged when they don't go their way, when they claim they speak for the majority when in fact then are but a slice of the vocal minority.

to have such a rigid and unbending view of all things ensures extinction. if one is not willing to adapt to their surroundings and instead attempts to deny they even exist... will surely be naturally selected eventually.

so in the now infamous words of the majority elected president...


Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: We call this feeding the troll

"If Obama fails in his attempts to totally destroy the United States economy"

Anyone who realistically believes that the President of the United States would attempt to destroy the US economy is quite obviously out of touch with reality.

Please, quit being stupid.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: What was the actual vote count of the 2012 elections?

One of the comments made:

"...the general population agree that the reason
the GOP lost the election is,...etc."

Actually the general population can not agree on
the unkown, in that, the population does not know
nor have witnessed the election process through
out our country in 2012.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Entrenched partisanship is not working

Over the past decade, it's become increasingly clear that entrenched partisanship from either side is counterproductive.

It results in gridlock. The left is gonna fight back if the right tries to assassinate their character, and vice versa. Meanwhile, we get nowhere.

At the risk of stating the obvious, demonizing your opponent is counterproductive. We'll all do better if we can find common ground together, while standing true to the principles we believe in.

Despite all the differences of opinion, this much is for sure: no one side or the other has the market cornered on all the good ideas.

Both left and right have something of value to add to the national conversation.

Trying to stigmatize one side or the other frankly does not work. It only results in resentment and pushback.

The better solution is to be more tolerant of those with whom you differ. Try to understand and improve your own position by incorporating what merit you can find in the other side's ideas.

All the negativity and scorn in the world will not make it better. It just makes it worse.

Would love to see us at all levels working together in a positive, respectful, and tolerant manner. Now that's something I can support.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Frank Lee Confused

Interesting theory about Reagan. I suppose getting shot can change you. In fact, every time a conservative is shot and survives, a progressive is born. (See Teddy Rosevelt)

Dale, when you finally purge your philosophically pure party of Rockefeller Republicans, progressives, and moderates, you will have succeeded in achieving unelectability.

But I do believe you guys should put Sarah Palin on a pedestal, so she can be higher than everyone else.

I would like to point out that Harry Reid could have been easily defeated in 2010. He had an approval rating in Nevada of only 35%. All the GOP needed to do was to run a reasonable, middle of the road, sane candidate, and Harry would have been gone.

Instead, the GOP came up with Sharon Engel. Conservatives were happy with this nut job and voted for her. But she got clobbered because even though Nevadans wanted a new Senator, Ms. Engel scared the bejesus out of reasonable folks.

So why did the GOP make such a choice? If we assume that they are not just plain ol´┐Ż stupid, then we must conclude that they wanted Harry to stay. The ´┐Żlogic´┐Ż goes like this: Better to have an unpopular Democratic whipping boy in the papers each day, than a reasonable, moderate Republican. As the wise man once said, ´┐ŻMission accomplished!´┐Ż

Dale, get on board with the program. The GOP needs you.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Phil Falbo

Dale, that you can delude yourself into thinking Ronald Reagan had anything to do with "government fiscal accountability," proves not only your ignorance of reality but also the depth of your right wing denial.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Wake Up Mary Jane

The only insanity on this forum is posts from you Mary Jane. To believe a Republican in the White House is a disaster is beyond stupid. Look at what your clown in the White House is doing to America disasters await the country from financial collapse due to uncontrolled spending! But wait, you can't see it because you live in a fog as your name implies and simple common sense doesn't exist in the mind of a confused liberal. So, go ahead and support "Bat Ears" but the only thing I wish is he will just fly away like the vermin he is. Wake Up.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Slater Slater

My grandfather told us a long time ago,If you can't pay for it you don't need it.
The over spending by the gov is the rule so the people follow the lead.Credit cards maxed out
at .25 cts- 30cts on the dollar.Pay just the minimum and you think it will disappear.
Tax and spend Dems,vs the Corporate Gop is
the way it's been forever.
Bankruptcy is our loophole and many will be going there very soon.After all it's the American
way.Been lookin at that new Camaro and you
just gotta get it?Got no money?The car salesman will help you out or NOT. lol The
country is now a punch line.Trust your bank,
they always look out for your best interests and
they've got your back.After all we'll bail-em out so they can have at it agin.It's gotta be the dreaded marijuana.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Mary Jane is right

Dale, you must have been living in a closet since the election. Political pundits of all bents along with the general population agree that the reason the GOP lost the election is BECAUSE they pandered to the far right. Many independent voters, including myself, would have voted GOP had they remained more moderate and flexible. During their primary debates you could see some of these guys choking on their words as they were arguing about who was the most conservative. I was ready to seriously consider McCain in 2008 UNTIL he chose Palin for his running mate. Maybe they should have silenced her more. Not less as you say. Continuing to pander to the far right will pound the last nail in the coffin of the GOP. Sure aiming at the far right seems logical in AZ but get out of your closet and travel around.

Posted: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Article comment by: Nux Man

Where I agree with your view of these "politicians" I don't share the same attitude about the GOP.
John McShame is maybe the worst excuse for a representative of the people in Az history, (personally I can't & won't get past the USS Forestal questions), but I don't think it matters one wit if the GOP sinks or swims. Most conservative people don't identify with a "party" as much as they do with morality. In light of the total disregard for such antiquated ideas in the current administration Jerry Springer could win on a GOP ticket next go around.
For Ms. Jane, where's the tolerance? We all have differing views - thinking in lock step, as some would have it, is not just reprehensible in a free society, it's far scarier than anything Mr. Gohr has ever written.

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