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9/25/2012 8:03:00 AM
Letter: Romney hit nail on head on ’47-percenters’


The 47 percent comment from Romney was dead on the mark and no spinning can change the facts.

He stated that 47 percent of the country will vote for the President no matter what, which is a fact. The reasons are simple almost half of the people in the country receive some form of help from the government in the form of money, food stamps or housing.

These people will listen to all the spin about ending the free stuff and vote based on that without thinking of the consequences over the long run.

Part of them are members of unions that instruct there members to vote certain ways or face the wrath of their leaders.

Of all the people who get help from this government I would guess that up to 25 percent of these folks could go out and find a job and get off the wagon. Of those left, my guess is another 25 percent of these people really do need help and should be getting it. So if the math is correct here and of course this is just guessing and in no way factual that leaves half of the 47 percent crowd that incite the rest into believing the rich should pay more and more of there money to the government so the cycle can continue.

The statements made by Mr. Lamaster are just another spin that spews from the mouths of the left to incite the continued class warfare theme that at some point will turn into what they want, which is violence and uprising that will lead to more control of all of us in the near future.

How long will the middle class sit by and listen to this hateful talk without taking action?

The entire government is so corrupt that it will never get fixed and at some point will be changed into something more like what we are seeing in the Middle East with hate groups in control of large crowds and demands for more and more free stuff from the haves to the have nots.

I personally am in the 99 percent crowd that scrapes by from pay check to pay check and when the income tax time comes I take every legal cent I can find off of the totals to pay the very minimum I can to the government just like most of the people, including the 1 percent crowd do.

Why? Because the system that has evolved over the years is so messed up that we would all be better off if they just threw it out and started over.

Please take the time to research all the facts about things like Obamacare coming in 2013 and 2014, which will truly change things for all of us and not pay attention to has-been stars who already have all the money they need and people who are drawn in by the hype and spin coming in from all directions.

And, most of all, do not believe anything you read and hear in the Left wing or Right Media because they are out to make money on the worst things they can find about both sides of the aisles.

Mike Robins


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Reader Comments

Posted: Saturday, October 13, 2012
Article comment by: two cents

Unless the 47% crawl into a hole every month and only come out to get there unemployment or welfare checks and then crawl back into their holes, then Mitt was only partly right about 47% not paying income taxes.

I pay taxes everytime I buy gas, groceries, clothes or anything else for that matter. I know that ' tax' money is being used in the most responsible manner possible to benefit as many Americans as it can. I know our state and federal government is more concerned with the welfare of its citizens than it is concerned with their own wealth and the wealth of the lobbyists padding their pockets. I know our government is dedicated to helping all of us. I know they are doing everything possible in their power to bring jobs back to the States and decrease unemployment. I know that with our government the health and welfare of its citizens are the number one concern.

We need to be nicer to the corporate politicians and maybe they will stop complaining about the 47% whos jobs have been outsourced and can no longer pay income tax, and they will bring companies and corporations back to America, and put us all back to work so we can make enough money to pay income taxes.
Or maybe I am living in a dream world and I have it all wrong.

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012
Article comment by: nutso fasst

@ nutso get's[sic]...

I don't think I missed anything. I wrote that Romney may be a brilliant financial problem analyzer, which the success of Bain suggests. Unlike Obama - community activist and lecturer who knows how to work a crowd - Romney isn't a natural campaigner. And maybe satisfying the right-wing base, libertarian upstarts, and independent voters is just an impossible task.

Calling the Lifeline phone an 'Obama Phone' clearly works in Obama's favor among voters who want to believe it.

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012
Article comment by: nutso get's a couple points... .

but misses others...

if r-money is so accomplished in analytics, calculations, and 'business'- how can he be running such an inept appearing campaign full of contradictions and falsehoods?

as for the phone fiasco... that was based upon a federal telecom act in 1996... and the current program was actually implemented several months before the current Pres. took office...so it is actually a 'bush phone'...


that said... i am sure both parties have members who don' t exactly 'get it' and don't represent the actual majority of the party, unfortunately for the GOP they nominated theirs for president... enjoy...

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012
Article comment by: nutso fasst

"It's not my job to worry about the millions of Americans who don't pay income taxes..." is not a Romney quote, but the gist is close enough.

Mitt Romney's a wonk. Unlike his father George, whose family fled a commune during the Mexican revolution, who worked farm fields and construction in his youth, and who lived through two depressions that busted the family construction business twice, Mitt Romney led a relatively sheltered life. He made his fortune analyzing facts and figures and devising investment strategies that, at their best, benefitted all parties involved. He may be a brilliant financial problem analyzer, but he's an inveterate dork when it comes to communicating with large groups of people. His record as governor suggests he'd be better at dealing with a cantankerous Congress than Obama, but it's hard to imagine him as an inspiring public figure for most Americans.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to impress the 47%:
"President Obama, you didn't buy that phone. Others did that."

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: Ms. Reasonable

Oh my, Mike, you've made so many statements that are false I don't even know where to begin. So, I'll simply say this - there's a reason why many Republicans are distancing themselves from Mitt Romney. His poll numbers are plummeting because now the only groups he hasn't insulted are the millionaires & billionaires. Saying that, "It's not my job to worry about the millions of Americans who don't pay income taxes," is throwing his own party base under the bus. This man is unbelievable & he just doesn't get it. And, that's just really sad for the American people.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: Mary Jane

@ Nutso Fasst

You can absolutely without a doubt assume that I will be voting Libertarian! I have been a card-carrying Libertarian since 1988, and damn proud of it!!
I consider the Dems to be the 'Lesser of two evils', but not much less.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: Verde Voter

Mr. Robins is one paycheck from being broke, helpless and in need. "HE" has taken the facts and spun them for mr Rmoney. mr. Rmoney considers those making $200.000-$250.000 the middleclass today. That leaves at least 75% of Americans living at poverty level. Mr. Robins? You are one paycheck away from needing assistance. You are complaining about seniors and those such as yourself. The current Tax Code is/was a temporary tax rate designed to help the economy for the top 25% and give some relief to the middleclass. The Job creators did not create jobs but instead purchased every piece of oceanfront property in this world. Mr. Robins is a typical republican sheep. Dont know what or who he is fighting for. Everyone pays some form of tax mr. robins. Everyone.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: nutso fasst

@ Mary Jane re "We cannot allow the Wall Street Ponzi schemes that keep coming"

Can I assume then that you are voting Libertarian? Because I can assure you from years of watching promises get broken that the Democrats are not going to give up on any source of political funding. And given your pseudonym, you must be aware that Democrats are not inclined to stop the drug war. Richard Carmona would not be likely to step out of line on that issue, while Jeff Flake has voted against drug war funding and has a +10 score with NORML. But if you were really interested in voting your best interest, now and future, you'd consider Marc Victor and Gary Johnson.



Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: Have to wonder

For people who believe in God and condemn Obama and vote for Romney, because they think he'll save the country from bankruptcy by cutting support money for the most needy, will feel when they die and face God, and have to answer to why they made money more important than peoples lives?

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: So much misinformation from the left

Reading some of these responses, it's sad to see so much misinformation from those on the left.

If you want to know the truth, just look at the records of both Obama and Romney. It's all well documented.

Under Obama, our country is being impoverished. The number of people on food stamps has doubled. More and more people are being pushed into poverty. These are facts.

Since the recovery started mid-way through Obama's first year, things have only gotten worse for the majority of us. This is proven by the plunging median household income. This is fact.

Unemployment is worst for minorities, youth, women. Also facts.

The gap between rich and poor is widening under Obama. Proven by stats from the census bureau.

So many of the things that liberals don't want are actually happening under Obama, but so many liberals are too ideologically blind to see.

Now look at Romney's record. To those on the left, open your eyes!

Balanced the budget in Mass. Improved their credit rating. Provided health care for everyone.

At the Salt Lake Olympics, a stellar job. Our neighbors to the north still reap the benefits in many ways from what Romney helped build for those games.

Very successful personally in business. Created tens of thousands of jobs. Understands business, knows what businesses need to succeed.

This is in complete contrast to Obama who has never held an actual job!

Politically, Romney is moderate. This is very good for our country. He is capable of compromise and making bipartisan progress with congress.

As a moderate, Romney is unlike Obama, who is not a man of moderation but politically far left.

Obama has proven himself incapable of compromise with congress, which is why we have gridlock in DC and can expect 4 more years of gridlock if he's re-elected.

My goodness, what will it take for the left to see their emperor is wearing no clothes!

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: apparently AZ Rockz? does not rock at fact checking...

Really folks... if you are um... dumb enough to take an email forward as the gospel truth then maybe you should vote GOP! hey rest of the GOP conserva folks... you do realize these folks are making you look bad right? every time they post a comment re-pleat with fallacies they are making whatever correct statements you make that much less believable...

and once again we have a case for fact checking these comments... i realize it might take some time but in the end isn't the truth worth a 30 second google search to determine veracity? the journal now does that and it makes sense... please establish some integrity up in this sometimes fact free zone!


H.R. 4646: Viral message claims President Obama's finance team is planning to impose a 1% transaction tax on all transactions at financial institutions, including personal bank deposits.

Description: Email rumor
Circulating since: Aug. 2010
Status: Mostly false (see details below)

Email text contributed by Julie P., Sep. 8, 2010:

Fw: 1% tax on all bank transactions.

One percent transaction tax is proposed President Obama's finance team is recommending a transaction tax.

His plan is to sneak it in after the November election to keep it under the radar. This is a 1% tax on all transactions at any financial institution I. e. Banks, Credit Unions, etc.. ANY deposit you make, or move around within your account, I. e. transfer to, will have a 1% tax charged.

If your pay check or your social Security or whatever is direct deposit, 1% tax charged.

If you hand carry a check in to deposit, 1% tax charged,

If you take cash in to deposit, 1% tax charged.

This is from the man who promised that if you make under $250,000 per year, you will not see one penny of new tax.

Keep your eyes and ears open, you will be amazed at what you learn. remember once the tax is there they can raise it at will.

Analysis: Quite misleading. It's true (as of this writing) that there's a bill in the House of Representatives, the Debt Free America Act (H.R. 1125), which would impose a one percent tax on certain financial transactions if passed. It's also true that the bill was introduced by a Democrat, Rep. Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania (who introduced more or less the same legislation in 2010 as H.R. 4646).

However, the legislation has zero co-sponsors, nor has it ever been supported, endorsed, or even acknowledged by anyone in the Obama administration.

Also, contrary to what's repeatedly claimed in the email, personal bank deposits would not be subject to subject to the tax under the proposed legislation. Section 4501(b)(2) of the current version of the bill (H.R. 1125) reads as follows:

EXCEPTIONS- The term ‘specified transaction’ shall not include--
(A) any transfer between accounts of the taxpayer, and
(B) any deposit into a personal account of an individual.

Like all previous iterations of the Debt Free America Act, the 2011 version isn't expected to be voted on, let alone passed by Congress.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: Mary Jane

Just another GOP spinmaster trying to get you to vote against your own best interests. The hateful, right-wing rhetoric is only going to get worse as the election nears and the realization that their propoganda hasn't worked sets in. Class warfare is a GOP construct that goes back to the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: AzRockz .

Gotta Agree. The whole goal of his admin was to create MASS dependence on government. To have those who need out vote those who work and pay into the system.
People just want to stick their heads in the sand about this, but you have to wake up and look at what is COMING, if you have read the health care plan, which promises to tax each transaction you have on your bank account deposits, automatic payments to bills, transfers to other accounts, etc, which has NOTHING to do with healthcare, you will see you will be bankrupt quickly. And this is only ONE aspect of the Obama Health Care Reform.(which is why those who used to have Soc Sec send them cks they would cash at a local bank are now forced to have bank accounts or accept VISA/Direct Express accounts)

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Article comment by: Brandt Hardin

The dynamic duo of Romney and Ryan would drive the entire economy into a nose dive as long as it benefits the richest Americans. Income inequality is endangering the Middle Class and making paupers of us all who don’t have those millions upon millions of dollars. Read more about the role of Romney’s riches in this election and the power of his sacred undergarments at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/05/mitt-romneys-magic-mormon-underwear.html The working class of our country can’t AFFORD to allow this election to be bought and sold!

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Article comment by: Phil Falbo

Mr. Robins, please Google "number of people on welfare" to find out how incredibly wrong you are.

Not that facts will change your mind-- after all, you sound like a typical gullible and mis-information spewing republicant.

I could, like you, make an apparently ridiculous statement like, "Thirty percent of the electorate are morons!"

But, on second thought, if one considers that approximately 35% of the electorate are republicants, I'd be very close to being correct!

Unlike you and your Fox news "angry white man" statistics.

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