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4/6/2013 1:03:00 PM
Letter: Stop punishing the creators and get out of the way


It is said that “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” Friday’s new government unemployment rate bears witness to the truth of that statement.

The “official” March unemployment rate dropped from 7.7 percent to 7.6 percent and the White House led the cheering. Unfortunately, only a paltry 88,000 new jobs were created in March, well under half of the monthly figures for the last 6 months and the lowest in 9 months. The dirty little secret not being ballyhooed is that it takes about 160,000-170,000 new jobs just to keep up with the population growth in new workers entering the job market. But, even worse, another couple of hundred thousand of long-term unemployed Americans simply gave up, removing themselves from the mathematical equation used to compute the unemployment rate.

This should be unacceptable to the American people when tens of thousands of jobs could have been added over the past three years simply with the approval of the Keystone Pipeline. The unions claim that approval will create 20,000 jobs immediately and that thousands more will be created in ancillary fields.

This country is awash in energy, and the technology to recover and produce it, that the rest of the world is craving. We have natural gas in quantities to make us energy independent and a net energy exporter. Instead of concentrating on wind and solar - environmental favorites no matter how unrealistic - natural gas produces 40 percent less CO2 than other fuels and could accomplish EPA goals easily.

John Kennedy said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” It is time for government to stop trying to manipulate equal outcomes among of nation of unequal talents. Give us the jobs and we will produce an economy to actually reduce unemployment, poverty and the deficit. Government should be less concerned about what the other guy has and more concerned that we all have enough.

Stop punishing the creators and get out of the way.

Jim Barber

Camp Verde

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Reader Comments

Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2013
Article comment by: M J

A liberals 10 step financial plan:

• Step 1. Borrow LOTS of money from China, then give the money away to folks who will vote for liberals.
• Step 2. Borrow LOTS MORE money from China, then give the money away to folks who will vote for liberals.
• Step 3. Borrow LOTS and LOTS more money from China, then give the money away to folks who will vote for liberals.
• Step 4. Ask for an even HIGHER credit card limit, to give money away to folks who will vote for liberals ... after all, they need a new flat screen TV.
• Step 5. Borrow LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of even MORE money from China, then give the money away to folks who will vote for liberals.
• Step 6. Lie, cry, whine, and point fingers that it's the other guys fault, that the other guy MADE liberals borrow the money in the first place .... those big meanies.
• Step 7. Ask, nooooooo, beg, nooooooooo, threaten, for an even HIGHER debt limit .... 'cause the money has already been promised to the folks who will vote for liberals.
• Step 8. Threaten to not pay the Military if liberals doesn't get their way.
• Step 9. Try to come across as financial hawks ... hey, most liberals are stupid enough to believe anything.
• Step 10. Repeat.

Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Article comment by: verde voter

Same old same old excuses for obstructionism. Yes indeed we need more jobs. Manufacturing Jobs. I personally want to see walmart lead the effort to ship all of the china crap back to china along with all their garbage in our landfills because it is not made well, it is toxic, cheap and I prefer American made (Jobs) additionally they are considered not friend or foe. So why should americans purchase china made to feed a global greedy pig? Next? Infrastructure jobs? Lets get rollin. Here in the verde valley? first split the county from Prescott. Keep tax dollars here. Get the vineyards rolling, and wind generation moving. (jobs) Again look at budgets and waste. Still seems to be some. Why are there not signal timers on ALL street signals? This is a safety issue. Open the BMX track for kids at the river front park. This generates revenue, gives kids a place and hobby interest. Anyone or club interested in doing this should speak up.

Posted: Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Article comment by: Tara EC

So your argument is that since the jobs are “short term,” they aren’t important? Try telling that to a construction worker. Their jobs are, by nature, short term/temporary, and they rely on these types of jobs for their entire careers as a way to provide for their families.

Posted: Monday, April 8, 2013
Article comment by: The

...aren't to be "punished," you say? What does that actually MEAN? Is any corporation or business interest, any "creator" of jobs, to be held above approach and not scrutinized, simply because it provides jobs???


And are all they do that destroys the environment, all the corporate hoarding anyone who cares to investigate would find, to be overlooked simply because the endeavor creates jobs???

That's some pretty myopic tunnelvision there, Mr. Barber... But then that's come to be what we expect from your words.

Posted: Monday, April 8, 2013
Article comment by: Even Fox News has panned this one... .

From the Fox News web page... please...proceed.
Here are six facts about the proposed Keystone XL deal that make clear why the pipeline was a bad deal for America and why it deserved to be rejected:

1. Keystone XL Would Not Reduce Foreign Oil Dependency

The oil to be sent through Keystone XL pipeline was never destined for US markets. In its own presentation to investors about the proposed pipeline extension, TransCanada (the company behind Keystone XL) boasted that most if not all of the extracted and refined oil would be exported --- sold in oversees markets where oil fetches a higher price (and thus turns a higher profit for the company).

2. Keystone XL Would Have Increased Domestic Oil Prices

Currently, Canadian oil reserves stored in the Midwest help suppress gas prices in the United States, particularly for farmers in our nation’s heartland.
In its permit application for the pipeline, TransCanada noted that the Keystone XL pipeline would allow the company to drain these reserves and export that fuel as well. According to TransCanada’s own statements, this would raise gas prices in the United States, especially in the Midwest.

3. Keystone XL Overstated Number of Jobs to be Created

In 2008, TransCanada’s original permit application to the State Department said the Keystone XL pipeline would create “a peak workforce of approximately 3,500 to 4,200 construction personnel” in temporary jobs building the pipeline.
By 2011, now facing growing opposition to the pipeline, TransCanada had inflated these numbers (using undisclosed formulas) to 20,000. Supporters of the proposal, backed by big oil, have since trumpeted these trumped up numbers.

4. Current Keystone Pipeline Leaked 12 Times in Last Year

The pipeline that the Obama administration has rejected the permit for would be an extension of a pipeline that has already leaked -- not just once, but 12 times in the last year.
While TransCanada tried to dismiss these leaks as “minor” averaging “just five to 10 gallons of oil” each, the leak on May 7, 2011 near Millner, N.D., spilled about 21,000 gallons of oil in total.
5. The Environmental Concerns About Oil Leaks Are Justified

Nebraska’s Republican Governor Dave Heineman strongly opposed the Keystone XL project because the pipeline would run through a massive and vital aquifer in his state the supplies clean drinking water to over 2 million Americans plus water that fuels the region’s agriculture industry.
Building the pipeline might have created a few thousand temporary jobs but even a minor oil spill in or near the aquifer would have jeopardized hundreds of thousands of jobs, not to mention the health and safety of millions.
Meanwhile, in Michigan where a similar tar sands pipeline spilled over 840,000 gallons of crude oil into the Kalamazoo River in 2010, residents are still complaining of headaches, dizziness and nausea while studies continue to look at the long-term effects of just being near such an oil spill when it happens.
6. Mining Tar Sands Would Worsen Global Warming

Assuming you believe, like the vast majority of the world’s scientists, that climate change is both real and of concern, the Canadian tar sands are the second largest carbon reserve in the world.
Mining these reserves would release all of that carbon into the atmosphere, to detrimental effect on our environment. Sure, Canada might go ahead and mine the tar sands anyway, but the United States doesn’t have to help pollute the planet and our own states in the process.

No matter how you look at it, the Keystone XL proposal was a slimy, scam of a deal. America is better than that.
We can create good-paying jobs that build our families and our economy for the future without hurting our environment today.
We can invest in innovative energy technology that not only reduces our dependence on dirty fuel but also puts us in the lead in critical, emerging markets.
We can prioritize good jobs and a competitive economy of the future, with all the upsides of American energy production and innovation and far, far fewer of the downsides that Keystone carried.
Let’s focus on more of those deals going forward.

Sally Kohn is a Fox News Contributor

Posted: Monday, April 8, 2013
Article comment by: Slater Slater

The problem with the pipelines is that we are our own worse enemy.If we approved all energy projects,instead of lowering our costs
we would sell it all to China to maximize profits.
It wouldn't help us one bit. Perhaps a spike in employment numbers for 2yrs that's it.

Posted: Monday, April 8, 2013
Article comment by: Peter, Yavapai County

Since Mr. Obama took office in January of 2009, shale gas production has risen from 8 billion cubic feet per day to 28 billion cubic feet per day, a 350 percent increase. Production is still increasing but at a slower rate as producers realize that low market prices for the now plentiful fuel mean less net profit. Producers are choosing to cut back now in hopes that prices will increase in the future.

I wonder how many jobs have been created in this industry in the past 4 years? Probably a lot. But due to these market forces, dirty coal is now much less attractive. Electricity producers are building gas fired plants instead of coal fired plants. Same construction jobs, different fuel.

Since 2009 BSAF, the German chemical company has invested $5.7 billion in the U.S. because they will be processing chemicals here to take advantage of gas prices which are one quarter of European gas price. They are not the only ones.

The pipeline you are championing will not significantly affect our labor outlook. Ninety nine percent of the jobs are short term. The pipeline will carry tar from Canada to a free trade zone in Texas. The Canadian tar-oil will be exported and provide no tax revenue to us. Besides, with all the gas we have, why would we export tar? Duh!

Posted: Sunday, April 7, 2013
Article comment by: Jim, baby your guys

wanted the cuts.

Public sector jobs are going bye-bye, just like you want, too.

As your genius lady-guru Sarah might whine in her nasal voice, 'How's that austerity thingy workin' for ya?"

'Creators' my happy patootie. With estimated trillions of corporate $$$ in the banks and a world market, your guys are creating nothing for the US and couldn't really care less.

They just use stale mouthpieces like you and Dale to beat the right-wing lying drum.

Posted: Sunday, April 7, 2013
Article comment by: The Dems are only punishing the poor

No clearer evidence of how wrong the Democratic economic policies are then the 40+% rate of poverty in this, the world's richest country.

That is shameful.

Yet liberals ignore this.

Labor participation rate is around 60%, depths not seen since the awful Carter administration.

Median household income continues in a free fall. Millions of people, instead of being gainfully employed, are so discouraged at finding a job they just give up.

Why work when you can get food stamps, unemployment, disability, free health care, and all sorts of other government payouts?

Where is the liberal outrage at the country's most vulnerable citizens being crushed by the Democratic economic policies?

Instead we see these naive liberals buying in hook, line, and sinker to the class warfare canards pushed by the White House propaganda machine.

All they know how to do is punish success. That is shameful.

Posted: Sunday, April 7, 2013
Article comment by: Mary Jane

That's right folks! Once again it's time for the "Wring your hands with Jimbo" comedy hour!

Yes, you and all your friends can whine and complain with Jim while he paraphrases all your favorite pundits on the FOX channel.

You'll laugh 'til the cows come home watching Jim do his impressions of Glenn Beck and all your favorite fascists!

You'll howl and squeal with delight as Jim lambasts your President with all the wit and charm of David Duke!

This week's show sponsored by the Martha Stewart line of white linens!!! (you'll have to cut your own holes)

Posted: Saturday, April 6, 2013
Article comment by: Gaia Gurl

Economics 101

The real 'job creators' are the CONSUMERS.

Do you get paid to write this drivel?

Here are the FACTS:

"But TransCanada numbers count each job on a yearly basis. If the pipeline employs 10,000 people working for two years, that's 20,000 jobs by the company's count.

The estimates also include jobs in Canada, where about a third of the $7 billion pipeline would be constructed.

The U.S. State Department, which must green light the project, forecasts just 5,000 direct U.S. jobs over a two year construction period.

Even according to TransCanada, the amount of permanent jobs created would be only in the hundreds."

Are you aware of the RECENT oil spills? Obviously YOU don't care since the pipeline won't come through OUR town.

But then whose counting?

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