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10/12/2013 9:03:00 AM
Letter: CENTURY 21 Sexton Realty supports school overrides


One of the many reasons you should vote "YES" on school overrides, even if you do not have children or grandchildren in the schools is because it increases property values.

Seventy-eight percent of the people looking for a community to live in, research the schools to make sure the community has quality schools.

Strong schools makes the community stronger, more inviting and worthwhile; improving the quality of life.

Especially in Cottonwood/Clarkdale, where the community uses the school facilities for many of the community events, it is especially nice to have these schools, of such quality, for our residents and visitors to experience.

Voting "YES" for school override is a "YES" vote for a stronger community.

Jerry Butterbrodt

CENTURY 21 Sexton Realty

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Reader Comments

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2013
Article comment by: Gaia Gurl

@ itsy bitsy

Your MISDIRECTION strategies are legendary.

We have FIFTEEN schools in the entire Verde Valley.

Please tell me HOW the information you requested is the least bit RELEVANT?

If one SUPER can run 250+ schools, then I think ONE super can run FIFTEEN with some hourly support staff.

You do UNDERSTAND that there are PRINCIPALS at each school which also ASSIST?

You must have went to school here, your LACK OF KNOWLEDGE and inability to critically think is QUITE apparent.

Maybe you are a POLITICIAN?

Posted: Friday, October 25, 2013
Article comment by: itsy bitsy Spider

Ooops! Thanks Mr. :). Note to self: a. watch where placing pastes, b. read entire bill before flapping mandibles.

Note to D. Snyder: See what happens when amateurs start filling in the blanks?

Note to GG: Your avoidance strategies are breathtaking.
Not in districts that size they don't.
Why don't you grab some stats on Broward and I'll meet you on another thread.

Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Article comment by: To Itsy Bitsy Spider

RE: '"performance funding" for schools maintaining a B or better rating ($362.84 to $613.10 per student depending on the type of school)'
That's not quite right. The ($362.84 to $613.10) relates to pending "District Additional Assistance" for Preschool w/d through 9-12 in 2014-2015. "Performance funding" (SBl483 beginning pg. 50) is in the testing stage. Ultimately, $35 million is slated for primary through post-secondary sometime after March 2014. That's a big ?? and a big difference, Itsy. :)

Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Article comment by: Gaia Gurl

@ itsy

What's the PRICE of tea in CHINA?

That is about as relevant as your question and ASSUMPTIONS.

Who said I had anything to do with SUPER Carter?

YOU do understand that supers have NICE contracts with OVER 100 - 200k in just salary, then there are benefits and retirement. Support staff generally make an hourly wage.

Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Article comment by: itsy bitsy Spider

Oh, that would be dandy, Ms. Gurl. Nothing would please the ADE more than to work solely with County School Superintendent Carter.

BTW, what's the size of the Bovard County Superintendent's non-teaching staff? Of these, how many work directly for the district?

Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Article comment by: Good for you, Gaia Gurl!

But I hope you had the sense to TAKE your ballot to Prescott and get a receipt.

Mail-only elections don't have superintendents.

Cassandra of Yavapai County

Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Article comment by: Gaia Gurl

Education is NEVER wasted, Carlos.

There are many other ways to serve schools or education without being a SUPER. It helps to know what you are talking about.

@ itsy bitsy

YOU should learn more so you know what you are talking about.

Broward County Florida 250+ schools, ONE superintendent.

We are talking FIFTEEN here.

Voted NO this morning. I influence 3 other voters in my household also.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: What A Surprise!

I'm sure that it's just a coincidence that realtor J. Butterbrodt's only tangible reason for supporting the "override" is that it will "increase property values". Really....and what is a real estate's agent's commission based on? Ooops, why of course it's a percentage commission based on the sales price of property. Kind of a self serving interest of strictly a monetary nature. Lest we not forget that as property values go up, property taxes follow (with rare exception). All the other reasons Butterbrodt stated were non-specific and nebulous. Interestingly, that is the "common thread" to all of the supporters of the override. Few if any cite improving academic achievement performance, accountability standards for administrators, teachers and students or anything else specific. Proponents are long on the grandiose broad brush rewards, and longer on the dire consequences if not passed. Demand improvement first, then explore additional specifically targeted increase's with attached accountability requirements.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: Carlos Danger

If you are fully QUALIFIED to be a superintendent, but you are NOT in the least bit interested to be one....

Then why did you waste your time gettin' a degree in Educational Leadership?

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: Hog Wash!

Jerry Butterbrodt your comments confirm your diagnosis of "myopia"! While good schools are a consideration of most people looking at a new area, high property taxes, sales taxes, water fees etc are also on the the same list of concerns. High costs in any or all of these areas does not necessarily equate to VALUE for what is spent or taken (by force)! If the people who are so adamant about higher taxes and fees really believe what they claim, why is it they never seem to just "donate" more to that belief. Why? Because you and others like you are only okay with it if you can impose your will on everyone.
If I were looking at this area to relocate to, I'd move on because of the lack of value for the cost and quality of what we are required to pay. And yes, because of the simple minded "crazies" who think that throwing more money at a school system or anything else will result in "better".

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: itsy bitsy Spider

Really, Ms Simmons? Is that why you declined to run again? Because C-OCSD's Board of Governors was such a great place to vet new ideas, resolve conflicting opinions, and act in ALL the students' best interests?

Ms Gurl, you forgot the time-consuming community fundraising and dickering with local authorities over joint projects and services. You're also forgetting that going in, Superintendent U'ren had all the necessary degrees, the endorsement of education experts in the Verde Valley, and an excellent record at Oak Creek School. Since I don't share the opinion a hidden character flaw is responsible for her inability to manage six to eight schools on five campuses, I'm not sure how you would discern a superintendent who could manage all that "piece-of-cake" for twelve to fourteen schools on some seven campuses without a sizeable support staff--except by expensive trial and error. Clarkdale-Jerome Superintendent Fleenor juggled superintendent and principal's duties for one school, but they'll probably need two people to replace her. Perhaps you should discuss your ideas on school reorganization with Mingus Superintendent Paul Tighe, who was assistant superintendent at Littleton Elementary School District's six schools on (I believe) six campuses before he came to Mingus. Just possibly those huge unified school districts are one of the fatal flaws in America's current educational malaise. In any event, please consider the fact complaining to County School Superintendent Tim Carter didn't do Oak Creek much good and Tavasci none at all.

Actually, Mr. Johnson, state education funding is being restored as state revenues recover, and the Az Supreme Court has told the legislature to reinstate inflation indexing and stop trying to charge districts for funds received. Base level will increase $100.30 per student for 2013-2014. By August 2014, the State Board of Education will disburse an additional $952,627,700 basic state aid rollover funds. Plus, there is "district additional assistance" (at least $239 million due for 2014-2015) and "performance funding" for schools maintaining a B or better rating ($362.84 to $613.10 per student depending on the type of school). Districts have a much firmer financial outlook than they did in 2009. (c.f.,Azleg.gov SB1483 and SBl487) The problem looming in 2014 is Common Core transition expenses, which are supposed to be federally funded, but have cost other states millions out of pocket. With other federal education grants being cut back, the nationalized computer testing that's supposed to go with the new standards may have to be postponed until the nation is in a better economic position. However, that won't hurt children's education one bit.

Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Article comment by: Maybe I missed something

Not sure how COCSD is 'poaching kids' from Mingus.

The IB school is grades 1 - 8 and Mingus Union is a high school (9 - 12).

I am voting no. NO more overrides.

The state will just cut funding again, and you will be asked to make it up . . . again.

Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Article comment by: It seems to me:

Potential homebuyers usually judge a school by its academic ratings or by its special needs programs.

The best way to keep a Highly Performing A-rated school from dropping to barely average is to avoid using "the children" as cash cows and political footballs.

During the state budget cuts, the best way to maintain a fully enrolled, well performing B-rated school with special needs facilities would have been to charter it without altering its staff, curriculum, or student body.

Defeat of the C-OCSD's override extension request this year would provide the incentive its new, more experienced Board of Governors needs to correct its priorities and solve its administrative difficulties.

One year of uncertainty over the 2015-2016 funds available for extra circular activities and smaller classes wouldn't hurt students or teachers.

Given dramatic improvement in operations and community relations in 2013-2014, the community might agree a full 15% override was in order and some parents might bring their children back into the district. The per household override isn't too much. Many parents are spending more to keep their kids out of C-OCSD right now.

With the restoration of state funding that began this fiscal year, a gladly given override and renewed enrollment would solve the District's financial problems for years to come--as long as it didn't try to add a new campus for MVP.

Posted: Friday, October 18, 2013
Article comment by: @ Potential solution for COCSD

That makes more sense than most people are willing to accept.

Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2013
Article comment by: Gaia Gurl

I have a degree in Educational Leadership. I am fully QUALIFIED to be a superintendent. I am NOT the least bit interested. I am only telling you this because it means I had to take all the COURSES required to understand what the job actually ENTAILS.

Not sure WHAT you are talking about.

I am talking about ONE Supervisor for the ENTIRE Verde Valley. Supervisors ONLY job description is the ADMINISTRATION of schools.

Why do we have to CONSOLODATE? Most of the duties that each of them do is REDUNDANT and could be duplicated by ONE person for all the schools with ample ASSISTANCE.

"The role and responsibilities of public school superintendents vary from public school to public school and from state to state. In general though, public school superintends are responsible for the successful management of the school district and are expected to provide leadership related to the vision set forth by the Board of Education. They meet these responsibilities by working closely with the Board of Education to: 1) define the district's budget, 2) provide educational leadership related to the curriculum, 3) ensure personnel are qualified and receive routine supervision, 4) maintain the quality of district properties and 5) ensure positive community relations.
Public School Superintendent and the Board of Education

The responsibilities of the public school superintendent related to the Board of Education include: attendance and participation at all school board meetings, advising the Board on the programs, practices and challenges of the district, ensuring implementation of school policies and recommending revisions as appropriate, preparing data driven reports which identify the successes and challenges of the district, recommending public school district goals, monitoring progress toward goal attainment and supporting long-range planning.

Public School Superintendent and the Budget

The public school superintendent is responsible, annually, for preparing an operational budget that is based on the direction of the Board, facilitates the approval of a final budget and provides oversight of the implementation of the budget.

Public School Superintendent and the Curriculum

The public school superintendent is responsible for: staying up-to-date on educational theory and research based practices, knowing what legislative actions might impact the district and keeping the board apprised of these issues. Additionally, the superintendent oversees the development of educational objectives related to the curriculum, ongoing assessment, and student achievement.

Public School Superintendent and Personnel

The public school superintendent is responsible for recruiting and hiring all administrative personnel, directly supervised by him. He is responsible for staff being qualified and competent as well as ensuring ongoing professional development. He provides oversight to the personnel performance appraisal process and ensures all personnel matters are handled according to human resource policies.

Public School Superintendent and Facilities

The public school superintendent is responsible for ensuring the facilities manager is qualified and competent. He works with the Board to develop appropriate long and short-term goals for buildings, operations and maintenance programs.

Public School Superintendent and Community Relations

The public school superintendent maintains open and accessible lines of communication and working relationships with community constituents and partners including governmental. The superintendent is actively involved in local agency meetings and activities. In addition, the superintendent ensures regular communication with school personnel, the Board, parents and the community at-large."


Never in my LIFE have I ever heard of ONE SUPERINTENDENT to admin ONE school. Most admin TENS or even HUNDREDS of schools. Here we have TWO schools with TWO different Supers and then another Super for COCSD in a population of MAYBE 30k mostly retired people, for Clarkdale, VV and Cottonwood combined.

Are you FORGETTING how many contracts were BOUGHT OUT by Mingus for their poor choices?

Don't forget all the BENEFITS for these redundant Supers and ongoing RETIREMENT income.

Is there ANY legal reason that the individual schools can't keep their boards and individual identities, but are ALL administered by ONE Superintendent?

If there is, we need to CHANGE the law.

If we MUST consolidate, then just because the VOTERS are STUPID, does not mean I am going to PAY for their STUPIDTY.

I am voting NO, I am encouraging everyone else to do so. PERIOD.

Not continuing to pay extra year after year, when the students are not even getting a QUALITY education for it. Not an "A" report card for EITHER one of them.

I am a voter, it is not my job to DO, what these boards SHOULD be doing. If they can't do it, they SHOULD NOT run for office. I have no interest in banging my head against ROCKS. I have lived here long enough to know better.

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