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5/29/2014 8:22:00 AM
3 GOP file to run against Kirkpatrick; state races heat up
Andy Tobin of Paulden is one of three Republicans on the Primary ballot for Congressional District 1.
Andy Tobin of Paulden is one of three Republicans on the Primary ballot for Congressional District 1.
Ann Kirkpatrick is the incumbent in District 1 and has no challengers on the Democratic ballot.
Ann Kirkpatrick is the incumbent in District 1 and has no challengers on the Democratic ballot.
Primary Ballot
Congress District 1

D - Ann Kirkpatrick, Casa Grande

R - Gary Kiehne, Eagar

R - Adam Kwasman, Oro Valley

R - Andy Tobin, Paulden

Congress District 4

D - Mike Weisser, Golden Valley

R - Paul Gosar, Prescott

State Representative District 6 (two seats)

D - Lanny Morrison, Flagstaff

R - Brenda Barton, Safford

R - Bob Thorpe, Flagstaff

State Senator District 6

R - Chester Crandell, Heber


AE - John Lewis Mealer, Lakeside

D - Fred Duval, Phoenix

L - Barry J. Hess, Glendale

R - Ken Bennett, Phoenix

R - Doug Ducey, Paradise Valley

R - Christine Jones, Phoenix

R - Al Melvin, Saddlebrooke

R - Frank Riggs, Cave Creek

R - Scott Smith, Mesa

R - Andrew Thomas, Phoenix

Secretary of State

D - Terry Goddard, Phoenix

R - Wil Cardon, Mesa

R - Justin Pierce, Mesa

R - Michele Reagan, Phoenix

Attorney General

D - Felecia Rotellini, Phoenix

R - Mark Brnovich, Phoenix

R - Tom Horne, Phoenix


R - Jeff DeWit, Peoria

R - Hugh Hallman, Tempe

R - Randy Pullen, Phoenix

Superintendent of Public Education

D - David Garcia, Phoenix

D - Sharon Thomas, Phoenix

R - Diane M. Douglas, Sun City West

R - John Huppenthal, Chandler

State Mine Inspector

R - Joe Hart, Kingman

Corporation Commissioner (two seats)

D - Jim Holway, Phoenix

D - Sandra Kennedy, Phoenix

R - Tom Forese, Chandler

R - Doug Little, Scottsdale

R - Lucy Mason, Tempe

R - Vernon B. Parker, Tempe

Raquel Hendrickson
Bugle Managing Editor

The last day for candidates to file for Arizona's August primary election was May 28, and several waited until the final day to do so.

In Congressional District 1, Democratic incumbent Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick of Casa Grande will face no party foe in the Primary, but Paulden's Andy Tobin, currently the Speaker of the House at the state Legislature, will vie with Adam Kwasman of Oro Valley and Gary Kiehne of Eagar on the Republican ballot. Kwasman is a state representative in District 11. Kiehne is a hotel owner who has already become controversial over alleged comments about police, mass shootings and immigrants.

Things are a little quieter in District 4, where the Republican incumbent, Paul Gosar of Prescott, will not see a challenge until the General Election in November, when he faces Democrat Mike Weisser of Golden Valley.

The Verde Valley is in Legislative District 6, where the two state representative seats and state senator seat are up for a vote. Incumbent State Sen. Chester Crandell, a Heber Republican, has no competition in the Primary, but in the General Election he will face Sedona's Tom O'Halleran, who is running as an Independent. O'Halleran, a major player in the state's water issues, previously served in the state Legislature.

The Primary will be a walkover for GOP incumbent Representatives Bob Thorpe of Flagstaff and Brenda Barton of Safford as well as for Democratic newcomer Lanny Morrison of Flagstaff. Morrison will try to unseat one of the Republicans in the General Election.

But the heaviest race in the Primary is among the Republicans running for governor. Current Secretary of State Ken Bennett faces Doug Ducey of Paradise Valley, Christine Jones of Phoenix, Al Melvin of Saddlebrooke, Frank Riggs of Cave Creek, Scott Smith of Mesa and Andrew Thomas of Phoenix. Meanwhile, Fred Duval of Phoenix is the only Democrat to file. John Lewis Mealer of Lakeside has filed to run for governor for the Americans Elect party, and Barry Hess is running as a Libertarian.

Three Republican will compete in the Primary for Secretary of State. They are familiar names in state politics - Wil Cardon of Mesa, Justin Pierce of Mesa and Michele Reagan of Phoenix. The winner will face Democrat Terry Goddard in the General Election.

Incumbent Superintendent of Public Education John Huppenthal of Chandler has a Republican challenger in Diane M. Douglas of Sun City West. Democrat David Garcia of Phoenix will face Sharon Thomas of Phoenix in the Primary.

In the tussle for Attorney General, Mark Brnovich of Phoenix will challenge embattled incumbent Tom Horne on the Republican ballot. Democrat Felecia Rottelini has no rival on the Democratic side.

No Democrats are running for State Treasurer, but Jeff DeWit of Peoria, Hugh Hallman of Tempe and Randy Pullen of Phoenix are competing for the Republicans.

There are only two vacant seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission. Phoenix Democrats Jim Holway and Sandra Kennedy are running, as are Republicans Tom Forese of Chandler, Doug Little of Scottsdale, Lucy Mason of Tempe and Vernon B. Parker of Tempe.

Republican Joe Hart of Kingman is the only candidate for State Mine Inspector.

The Primary Election is Aug. 26. The last day to file as a write-in candidate is July 17. The deadline to register to vote in the primary is July 28.

Taylor Waste

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Reader Comments

Posted: Monday, June 2, 2014
Article comment by: Wacka Wacka

@ Slater Slater

Pretty obvious you have not been in the service and are not a combat veteran or else you would know those answers.

1) The VA, on average, have a better level of staff than any other hospital.
2) Vets used to be excluded for coverage on their service connected disabilities as they are "preexisting" conditions.
3) VA hospitals have an extensive cadre of professional experts in injuries that other hospitals never see.

Your say "we don't deserve to rub
elbows with civilians"

Really Slater? What unit were you in? Where were you injured? What level of disability do you have? Or are you just one of the "stolen valor" crowd?

Every single vet in the VA system (myself included) would rather crawl to a VA facility than walk into a private hospital.

Private hospitals for vets? Just another GO/TP trick to move money from the public purse to the private pockets .. minus the mandatory 15% cream off the top.

Posted: Sunday, June 1, 2014
Article comment by: Bill Bassett

To: Repeal ACA

Good for you. That gives me a great idea. I will no longer pay for your Automobile Accident. Not one red cent of my money goes toward fixin your car after you slam into someone else in a fit of road rage because they had an old Obama 08 bumper sticker. I swear to only pay for my own car wreck, if I ever have one.

While I'm at it, no longer will I pay for your house if if burns down nor will I pay your survivors if you die. Come to think of it, can I opt out of paying for your social security and Medicare? I'd gladly quite paying for those. How about if I refuse to help pay for the streets you use, the schools your kids go to, the safety of the food you eat, the water you drink and the sewers to carry away your waste.

You are really on go something. Insurance can kiss my #%. Taxes can kiss my %{ too.

Obamacare is INSURANCE! Get it? It's not even government run insurance. Private companies following comprehensive standards of coverage, unable to deny you, unable to cancel you and obligated to pay your appropriate claims. That's it.

Posted: Sunday, June 1, 2014
Article comment by: Love thy neighbor

Repeal ACA.

I am not your keeper, get off my roads, stay out of my libraries, don't call the cops, firefighters or use the postal service, you socialist swine.


You know why there aren't any neanderthals left? Because they thought they could survive by themselves, brute force was their only skill.

While the homo sapiens banded together to create villages, communities and actual civilization, funny how WE still exist!

One day all the people who are self absorbed, think selfishly and still belong in caves will also cease to exist.

Evolution is grand!

Posted: Sunday, June 1, 2014
Article comment by: itsy bitsy Spider

With this lineup, before doing anything else, Independents should bow their heads and thank the good voters of Arizona for killing the Top Two primary system bid in 2012.

Then they should check the voter id card they just got in the mail to make sure everything is in order--especially that it correctly shows no party affiliation.

Then all Independents on the Permanent Early Voter List (mail-in ballots) CALL THE COUNTY REGISTRARS OFFICE NOW and request the major party primary ballot that gives you the most chance to influence the general election. If you don't, you'll get a non-partisan only ballot in the mail, have to go to the polls to exchange it, and find that you can only exchange it for a provisional ballot. That will annoy you, stress the poll workers, and give Top Two a chance for a comeback.

Posted: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Article comment by: Slater Slater

Why are Veterans not in the healthcare plan?
Were second class citizens and are shipped away so no one can see or smell the abuse.
Private VA care as we don't deserve to rub
elbows with civilians and their more expensive
bastions of more qualified surgions etc.
I wonder what the death rate is vs the civilian
care system.Who cares,it's not your problem
until you need Warriors.Then bury them in paperwork and hope they go away.Then civilians are asked to send money to help us out.The tail wagging the dog.
The politicians want your vote so they can lay
down your life for their country.

Posted: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Article comment by: Repeal ACA

Which ever candidate will really work to repeal ACA gets my vote. I am furious at this socialistic, money grubbing scheme. I will not pay for your disease. Pay for your own. Mortgage your property, borrow, whatever, but don't expect part of my wages just so you can go whine to a doctor and get expensive drugs. I am not your keeper nor your savior.

Posted: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Article comment by: Kirkpatric Vulnerable Blathering on

Most of us are still opposed? The horse feathers we are.

Take off the freaking blinders, learn to think for yourself and stop believing the political blather that is being spoon fed to you by the useless and arrogant republicans in DC.

These jokers have just started to reveal some of their plans for health care and guess what - their plans are less inclusive, more expensive, and at the end of the day do nothing to help those with pre-existing conditions, catastrophic or long term heath issues....on and on and on. In other words they do nothing to fix the problems of healthcare.

These same repuli-clowns in DC are all harping on the 51 billion for the ACA while they stay mute on the 1.3 trillion in healthcare spending that will occur that has absolutely nothing to do with the ACA. Talk about pulling a fast one on the American public.

These guys are slick willies every last one of em and they rely upon ignorance about issues and spoon fed rhetoric to pave the way for their success.

Thanks to the ACA I now have health insurance which, I can afford. I did not have insurance for over three years because I could not afford the outrageous premiums for policies that essentially did nothing because they excluded so much.

Kirkpatric is not as vulnerable as you would like to believe.

Posted: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Article comment by: No rote votes!

Gosar and Kirkpatrick are cooperating and seem to be doing a good job representing their constituencies. Why change?

As for O'Halleran's candidacy, now I understand his somewhat repetitious VI opinion pieces.

O'Halleran's an ex-Republican who endorsed Angela LeFevre, Doug Ballard and Tom Chabin in the 2012 election, vowing to do everything in his power to defeat Republicans. He will get the votes of partisan Democrats as well as those of environmentalist Independents and Republicans who don't realize he's really a Dem in Independent clothing.

Tough race for Crandall.

Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Article comment by: Slater Slater

Obama care is for the poor.If your paying more
than $300 a month you got tattooed lol.If you
pay more it's for the poor.
Everybody rides for free in the liberal give the
country away,but stiff the war vets.Va is out of
control and has been since Vietnam.
Takes a while to catch-em huh.

Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Article comment by: Independent View

Far as I'm concerned, in the primaries, the Republicans that tell me the most about their qualifications for that office and what they want to do if they get there, have my vote.

In the general election, my vote goes to the candidates who actually have the most qualifications and told the fewest lies in the primaries.


Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Article comment by: Tobin is another Carpet bagger, just like Gosar.

If you have to try and run against the perceived success or failure of a program that was originally created by your own party, rather than your own merits or success then that says plenty about your character and what you bring to the table.

Wonder if Tobin is sleeping on Gosars couch?

Carpet bagger go home. If Kirkpatrick is so vulnerable then why didn't Gosar move home to get the easy win?

Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Article comment by: william gauslow

I love Obamacare, because it's helping me pay for my health care expenses. Those of you who don't like Obamacare, don't know a thing about it.

Posted: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Article comment by: Kirkpatrick vulnerable

Andy Tobin has the most name recognition of the possible alternatives to Kirkpatrick.

Tobin may not be the greatest option, but what's unforgivable to me is Kirkpatrick's voting for Obamacare, when polls showed the majority of her constituents were opposed.

Most of us still are opposed, yet she continues to enable these redistributionist Democrat policies that cost people money, jobs, prosperity. She does what the party bosses tell her to do, rather than put the people's interests first and foremost.

I see no reason to believe she thinks for herself. If she loses her seat, that's why.

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