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10/17/2012 1:16:00 PM
Illegal immigration, elections, abortion, religion and gun rights (with photo gallery)
Arpaio, Pearce attend Cottonwood tea party fundraiser
Arpaio speaking to a crowd of supporters at the Cottonwood VFW on Saturday as a part of a tea party fundraiser. Photo by Lillian Reid
Arpaio speaking to a crowd of supporters at the Cottonwood VFW on Saturday as a part of a tea party fundraiser. Photo by Lillian Reid
- Former state Senator Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe Arpaio talk about politics Saturday at the VFW as a part of a tea party rally and fundraiser. Photo by Lillian Reid
- Former state Senator Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe Arpaio talk about politics Saturday at the VFW as a part of a tea party rally and fundraiser. Photo by Lillian Reid
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Arizona State University
Special to The Verde Independent

COTTONWOOD - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce were welcomed like celebrities at a Cottonwood Tea Party rally Saturday.

During the three-hour event attended by more than 100 people. Arpaio and Pearce talked about a variety of issues from legislation, illegal immigration and the upcoming election, to abortion, religion and gun rights.

"Wow, look at the direction we're going. If you're not afraid, you're not paying attention," Pearce said after stating that President Obama has issued 930 executive orders since taking office nearly four years ago.

According to the National Archives, Obama has issued 138 executive orders since 2009. President George W. Bush issued 291 executive orders during his eight years in office. The last president to go over 900 was Franklin Roosevelt, who issued 3,728 executive orders in the 12 years he was in office.

Pearce, who co-authored Arizona's controversial SB1070, spoke mostly to the legislative side of politics and the many propositions he has helped write over the years.

"Arizona has inherent authority to enforce the laws as they were written in the state statute. You don't need a permission slip from federal government, Washington D.C. or Eric Holder," said Pearce, firing up the crowd.

Arpaio said that his political advisors and the people on his campaign have told him to drop the subject of President Barack Obama's birth certificate if he wants to get re-elected in November.

"I'm not going after the president. I am not going after whether he is here illegally or not. I don't care. I am looking at forged documents. That's all," said Arpaio. "We dropped it, but it's not dropped."

In July, the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office held two press conferences to try and show evidence that Obama's birth certificate was forged. Both press conferences fell flat.

Also in attendance Saturday was Lori Klein, the former Arizona state senator known for allegedly pointing her loaded, raspberry colored gun at a reporter during an interview in her office.

Klein traded friendly banter with Arpaio about her copying his pink prison garb by getting a pink gun. She corrected him that her gun is, in fact, raspberry, not pink.

During the Arizona primary election in August, both Pearce and Klein lost the seats they were campaigning for. They are now helping to raise money for Arpaio's general election campaign.

Arpaio joked about his legal troubles and laughed that if he spoke too much about the great programs he offered to inmates he would no longer be considered the "America's toughest sheriff" and instead people would start calling him "America's nicest sheriff."

Bob Windsor, Cottonwood Tea Party founder and president, organized the event as an opportunity for supporters to meet Arpaio and Pearce and as a fundraiser. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7400, 705 E. Aspen St., let the Tea Party use their facilities.

Along with having a 50-50 drawing, and raffling off gift certificates and literature, there was a hot ticket item up for grabs, a Ruger .38-caliber revolver. At the end of the speeches people could also pay to take a souvenir photo with Pearce and Arpaio.

The money raised was to support the tea party and candidates they back, such as Arpaio.

Cottonwood's Michael Pias, 71, was happy to finally meet the 80-year-old Arpaio. "I love his energy and I wish we had more like him," he said. "He looks great for his age."

Arpaio and Pearce both signed autographs, joked around and took photos with supporters before finally departing the VFW a little after 4 p.m.

Judy Thomas, 72, of Cottonwood, said she was happy to hear a lot of talk about illegal immigration as she herself is frustrated that Hispanic immigrants don't seem to want to assimilate into American culture.

"I've seen people who have been here 30 years and haven't learned English," she said.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Article comment by: it's called a poll for a reason... .

poll- a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the purpose of analysis.

while i know that number is scary to those in the minority... its ok... we will take good care of you after we take over. here's a voucher, good luck with that.

as to the 2nd point... hippies are some of the best folks out there, its not the hippies that we see waving the tea bags and socialism signs. seems you are missing the mark there.

enjoy your time on top... time marches on and so will we...

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Article comment by: Re, Mary Jane

Since when is using the word "mate" only for the people of England? Is that how rational thinking citizens think? Hmmm, I think Not! You state a cult is a group of protesting, racist, wings-nut, out-of-touch senior citizens. Hmmm, more rational thinking I guess. The only fear of 'others' I have is the cult of people who think like you.

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Article comment by: Re, re: blue and green... retort... .

WOW, a poll with a total of 146, that say's alot doesn't it? Secondly, I'm NOT your street corner sign waving leftover or third gereration hippie. Which, by the way is the perfect example of a cult.

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Article comment by: John A. Bond

Interestingly, anything that focuses the issue of illegal immigration upon the real problem, THE EMPLOYER, is deemed to be too extreme.

However, disrupting and destroying the lives of countless thousands of illegal immigrants who have been enticed here by employers ready, willing and able to exploit them for their labor is deemed perfectly okay.

Racism is a pernicious evil. So is elitism.

FINE, and IMPRISION the employers who hire the illegals who come here in search of jobs provided by those employers, and CONFISCATE the business of any EMPLOYER who hires an illegal immigrant and illegal immigration will end immediately.

Those who seek solutions that allow the employer to continue illegally hiring and exploiting the labor of illegal immigrants are criminals and deserving of no consideration in a state that claims illegal immigration is devastating the economy and undermining the rights of citizens [a bogus argument used over and over again to justify the racism of those who promote anti-immigration legislation directed at the immigrants].

See, when a solution is simple and effective BUT it will impact upon the profit of an EMPLOYER, it is deemed unworkable by those who want the exploitation to continue because the REAL agenda is using illegal immigration for political purposes to appease the racist base of their party.

Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Article comment by: Mary Jane

@ Re, blur and green

Who are you calling 'mate'? Save your fake british accent for the girls. I think the reason 'Our Kind' of people (Rational thinking citizens) can't see you is that the Senior Center sets quite a ways back from the street.

Your Tea Party politics of living your lives in fear of 'others' is the real embarrasment to America.

A cult is beliefs or practices that are considered abnormal or bizarre. Hmmm, what group of protesting, racist, wings-nut, out-of-touch senior citizens does that remind one of?

Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Article comment by: @ Mary Jane re: Big Sky Lady

@ Mary Jane:
New to this particular string of commentary, I read your comment and had to see what Big Sky Lady had said that warranted your comment. I was somewhat blown away when I read her comment. She was simply saying she didn't appreciate being called names for her beliefs and you went off in a far more ignorant, hateful, nasty, vicious way than she even came close to. Why the anger? This is America. Part of what makes this country great is that we are free to voice our opinion, beliefs and values.
As a BLACK american....I am tired of people like you throwing the race card around and using it for your political gain. There are many that may fall hook line and sinker for your KKK and "Make the White House White" rhetoric....but most of us are just plain sick and tired of being used by your party for mindless votes that do nothing to help our race and the problems that we do face.
Has it ever occured to you that those not voting for Obama (AND I AM NOT)....are not voting because they don't agree with his policies, views, principles, values, etc? OR AM I RACIST AGAINST MY OWN PEOPLE? Please enlighten me Mary Jane....Seriously, voice your opinions but leave the race out of it. You are not and never will have lived in my fathers shoes, my shoes or those of my brothers and sisters....We aren't voting for Barck Obama..not because the color of his skin but because of the job he has done. AND it's that plain and simple for the majority of Americans in this country. I think you will see that come election time.
Real racism does still exist but people like you make it much harder for those of us facing it because you have watered it down by throwing the race card around for your political benefit.

Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Article comment by: itsy bitsy Spider

What a better run county, state, and nation we'd have if as many people paid as much attention to local races and statewide ballot issues.

For shame, people. You're cheering and hissing over a celebrity sheriff when a Yavapai supervisor's race not only controls more of your destiny, it's totally within your control. You're fighting over national immigration policy when there are four (4) propositions on the upcoming ballot that will seriously affect everyone in Arizona (including illegal immigrants and Native Americans). Where are your priorities?

Nonsense, Mr. Bond. Throwing hundreds of legal immigrants out of work and bankrupting the State is a bit drastic. Why not just vote for Jeff Flake? He and McCain have been working on a guest worker program that protects both immigrants and natives.

Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Article comment by: re: re: blue and green... retort... .

it would seem that your assertion of tea bagger presence was not born out by the recent poll on this very website...

26 (18%) Very representative

24 (17%) Moderately representative

96 (75%) Not even close

now maybe this is part of a stealth campaign to lull the 75% of the valley that rejects your skewed ideals into a calm so that you can secretly take the valley over and secede from the federal govt.? maybe not...

as far as your grand statement of " A cult is beliefs or practices that are considered abnormal or bizarre like apologizing and bowing down to foreigners."... that is what we see whenever we drive by the dwindling horde that you claim is all powerful in the valley? a bunch of tri-cornered hat wearing socialism sign waving tea bag tossing patriots?

time marches on folks... as the old commercial says.. you can lead, follow or get out of the way... you may want to practice getting out of the way... the next generation is here and ready to lead like it or not.

Posted: Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Article comment by: Re, Blue and Green

The Tea Party is alive and well here in Cottonwood mate and we always have been. If you don't see us you must be hiding under a democratic pebble somewhere close to Jerome!
Oh, and by the way, we are glad you will never vote for and with us, we donít want or need your kind, America has enough problems from your partyís style of thinking. Your politically correct horse hockie leadership in fear of offending someone is an embarrassment to America! Grow a set instead of being politically correct! A cult is beliefs or practices that are considered abnormal or bizarre like apologizing and bowing down to foreigners. Now I wonder who has done that. Surely not Joe Arpario!

Posted: Monday, October 22, 2012
Article comment by: David Alan


Joe Arpaio visited Cottonwood last week.
Most of you are so rabidly deffending and offending, you don't even address this fact (which is what the article is about).

Here are some of the programs this "Nazi" "fascist" "lunitic' has impleminted in his jail.

A high school diploma program for youthful offenders incarcerated in his jail. Most state prisons have programs of this type, but for a county jail...this is not all that common.

A program where incarcerated mothers can read a bedtime story to their children, put it on tape, and send it home so they can maintain some semblance of a relationship with their little ones. I had never heard of a program like this, and I spent nearly 25 years working corrections in three states.

A drug rehabilitation program for inmates provided to them on a voluntary basis. Not all that uncommon, but not something he is mandated to do.

ESL classes (english as a second language) classes.

Granting priority to recent military vetrans in hireing. He says he just graduated a class of 32...all military veterans.

For such a facist extremist, he is re elected over and over and over again. So are the people of Maricopa County all facists? Are they all ignorant? I mean...the guy must be doing something right, wouldn't you think?

Pretty radical stuff, huh? Maybe it's time for some people to rethink their attitude.

Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2012
Article comment by: Verde Voters Are Turning Blue and Green

AMERICANS want to take Our America back from Citizen United, Tea Bags, Insane Republicans, and downright racist, hating, BIGOTS.
We the American People are FED UP with the NEW republican party. YOU PEOPLE have lost it. YOU are no longer a party. YOU are a insane extreme cult. Where are the reasonable ethical moderate republicans today? SPEAK MODERATES, DO NOT HIDE, SPEAK UP Dissolve your disgraceful NEW republican party and comeback the decent moderate Republican Party of Yesteryear. Until you do? I will not even consider casting a vote for a republican at city county state of federal level. EVER. NEVER. NONE. I am not sure why pearce and arpario were even in this town? Why are they here drumming up insane fear? I am sick and tired of these fools acting like insane clowns running around the state and country acting like idiots. NO THE TEA PARTY DOES NOT REPRESENT COTTONWOOD, THE VERDE VALLEY, OR NORTHERN AND CENTRAL ARIZONA. NOT AT ALL

Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2012
Article comment by: So Then

Mary Jane judging by what you say in your post you have picked a very very good name. now lite up

Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2012
Article comment by: Re Dave Francis

Well said! Your reply is so true and most Americans agree with you and feel the same way! Don't let the lieing lazy looney left get you down! God Bless America Again!!!

Posted: Thursday, October 18, 2012
Article comment by: M J

Re: I'm a patriot too! ... etc etc


♪ Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya♪
♫ Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya♫
♪ Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya♪
♫ Oh Lord, kumbaya♫
♪ Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya♪
♫ Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya♫
♪ Someone's singing Lord, kumbaya♪
♫ Oh Lord, kumbayah ♫

Ooooooo iffin' it weren't for them awful right wingers we could have our workers paradise!!!!!!
Everyday a holiday and every meal a feast!!!!!!
booooooo hoooooooo
sobbbbbbbbbb (large tear running down face)

"i read so i r a historian" - johnnie L

Posted: Thursday, October 18, 2012
Article comment by: Big Sky Lady

Wow...look how my posting REALLY brought out the hate and viciousness!!! C'mon, post some more. Show everybody who you really are.

John, the only thing I live in fear of is people like you and the prospective of my children being forced into socialism. You are the ones who are fearful. So I suggest you move somewhere where you will be happier and have no fear of the government, like Venezuela or Cuba.

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