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4/30/2013 4:04:00 PM
Student art a winner at NAWS-sponsored show
Whitney Inchausti of Mingus Union High School won the 9th-10th grade category in ceramics for “Iron Oxide Swan”
Whitney Inchausti of Mingus Union High School won the 9th-10th grade category in ceramics for “Iron Oxide Swan”
Gilbert Guidera of MUHS received second place for his drawing of “Travis Pastrana.”
Gilbert Guidera of MUHS received second place for his drawing of “Travis Pastrana.”

More than 500 pieces by middle school and high schoolers from 15 schools were on display at Sedona Red Rock High School's cafeteria for the 23rd annual Northern Arizona Student Art Show April 27-28. The students competed in 11 categories, with top works earning money.

Two Verde Valley School students won Best of Show in both the 3D and 2D categories. Ilya Filatov's "Raku Bowl" won the ceramics division, judge's choice and a special award from the Sedona Arts Center. Ilya's other ceramic piece, "The Boot" won $100 from SAC's Ceramics Department. Meanwhile, over in the two-dimensional categories, Ziren Yin took the top prize with a diptych of two portraits.

Flagstaff High School's Savannah Stegall received the $750 Senior Scholarship award from the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society, which sponsors the show each year.

SRRHS student Sophie Copenhaver's photographic portrait of "Don" received a prize of $100 from El Valle Artists' Association for "Best Art Depicting the Verde Valley."

And, proving it's in the eye of the beholder, Mingus Union High School's Dalia Magadan Solano received the People's Choice Award ($50) for her drawing "Fierce" after the judges gave her honorable mention.

MUHS student Aubrey Wilson took first place in the 11th-12th grade category in painting for "Face Down." In watercolor, Melissa Amis, also of MUHS, took first with "What Lies Beneath." Camp Verde High School's Ellie Caudill won the 9th-10th grade category in watercolor with "Birds in Flight."

In drawing, Kimberly Cobarrubias of MUHS won the 11th-12th grade category with "The Rock," while fellow Marauder Annaleia Moreau won the 9th-10th grade category with "Hip Hop." MUHS also won both high school categories in pastels, as Ruby Tafari won for "Sister" and Tristan Hillman won for "Full Figure Flex."

SRRHS student Sophia Licher took first in photography with "Bee's Life."

Participating schools and their art teachers were American Heritage Academy, Megan Allred; Big Park School, Linda Rodriguez; Camp Verde High School, Thomas Middlebrook and Robert Jameson; Coconino High School, Misty Ostrowski, Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy, Janeece Hanes and Sarah Buss; Flagstaff High School, David Hale; Mingus Union High School, Tyler Novak and Jason Teague; Mount Elden Middle School, Laura Abrams; Northland Prep, Beth LaCout and Caryn Bopp; Rimrock Public High School, Kathy McCabe and Briana Clarke; Sedona Red Rock High School, Geoff Worssam and Mal Cooper; Sinagua Middle School, Kara Lee; Southwestern Academy, Brian Walker; West Sedona School, Jessica Nelson; Verde Valley School, Jeff Perkins and Jeremy Broomfield.

Winners will be on display for two weeks at BMO Harris Bank of Sedona.

Winners List

Northern Arizona Student Art Show Special Awards

NAWS $750 Senior Scholarship Award: Savannah Stegall, Flagstaff High School

NAWS Best of Show 2-D: Ziren Yin, "Diptych," Verde Valley School

NAWS Best of Show 3-D: Ilya Filatov, "Raku Bowl," Verde Valley School

El Valle Artists' Association Best Art Depicting the Verde Valley: Sophie Copenhaver, "Don" Sedona Red Rock High School

Sedona Arts Center Ceramics Department Award: Ilya Filatov, "The Boot," Verde Valley School

BMO Harris Bank People's Choice Award: Dalia Magadan Solano, "Fierce," Mingus Union High School

Category Winners

Painting (oil, acrylic, tempera)

11th-12th Grade

1 - Aubrey Wilson, "Face Down," MUHS; 2 - Heather Farr, "Isolation," MUHS; 3 - Ziren Yin "What's Up Diptych," VVS; Honorable Mention: Gabi Guerrero, "Reaching, MUHS, Chelsea Connelly, "Body in Cloth," MUHS, Allysun Vellex-Dube, "Fruit of the Vine," MUHS, Sarah Westervelt, "God's Tree," CVHS

9th-10th Grade

1 - Tao Bei, "Design," Southwestern Academy; 2 - Elizabeth Ruiz, "Concentration," MUHS; 3 - Katelyn Kenneth, "My Backyard," FHS; Honorable Mention - Sirilak Saengsawang, "Perfectionism," MUHS; Hailey Baker, "Mindless Colors," American Heritage Academy, C.J. Wu, "Mondrian Design," SWA

7th-8th Grade

1 - Kayla Carter, "In the Grasslands," AHA; 2 - Christina Goodman, "Rocky Gathering," Mount Elden Middle School; 3 - Darvin Descheny, "Mickey Mouse," Sinagua Middle School


11th-12th Grade

1 - Melissa Amis, "What Lies Beneath," MUHS; 2 - Caitlin Gates, "Daydream," FHS; 3 - Amy Mottsenocker, "Lady Under Tree," Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy; Honorable Mention - Alicia Enriquez, "Departure," MUHS, Asha Ryan, "Tree of Life," FALA, Jenny Lawson, "Bright Eyed Child," CVHS, Scott Queen, "Back in the Water," CVHS, Shelby Monroe, "Night and Day," CVHS

9th-10th Grade

1 - Ellie Caudill, "Birds in Flight," CVHS; 2 - Evelena Taylor, "Iris," CVHS; Maryanne Maness, "Green Bird," CVHS; Honorable Mention - Yasmin Zuch, "This Is ...," FHS; Kate Chopin, "Self Portrait," FALA, Rylee Cunningham "Grace Smiles," FHS, Shayla De Arment, (man), SRRHS

7th-8th Grade

1 - Jacob Novy, Pumpkins, SMS; 2 - Lyle Adson, "Polar Bears/Arctic," SMS; 3 - Jacqueline Flores, "Aspen in the Wind," SMS; Honorable Mention - Sophia Perry, "Little Spring Place," Big Park School, Devin Robbins, "Navajo Pottery," MEMS


11th-12th Grade

1 - Kimberly Cobarrubias, "The Rock," MUHS; 2 - Gilbert Quidera, "Travis Pastrana," MUHS; 3 - Brandon Andersen, "Dan Auerbach," MUHS; Honorable Mention - Tianli Cheng (Leo), "Wild and Brutal, VVS, Alondra Gil, untitled, SRRHS, Briana Diaz, untitled, SRRHS, Dalia Magadan Solano, "Fierce," MUHS, Adam Paquette, "Skull," FALA, Aubre Alvey, "The Lizard Queen," MUHS

9th-10th Grade

1 - Annaleia Moreau, "Hip Hop," MUHS; 2 - Cheyanne Roberts, "Looking Forward," MUHS; 3 - Kelli Balensky, "Expression," MUHS; Honorable Mention - Kayla Brashears, "Eiffel Tower," CVHS, Andrea Simms, "Hope," MUHS, Dulce Ramirez, "Window Watching," CVHS, Whitney Inchausti, "Charcoal Skull," MUHS, Megan Fish, "Thinking," CVHS, McKenna Langley, "Richard," MUHS

7th-8th Grade

1 - Annika Klaasmeyer, "I'm So Board!" BPS; 2 - Erik Bautista, "Arizombe," MEMS; 3 - Katy Takum, "Dragon Dream," SMS; Honorable Mention - Alyssa Lewis, "Just Do It!" BPS, Zachary Christopher, "Op Art," SMS, Caitlyn Champagne, "Serpent of the Sea," SMS


11th-12th Grade

1 - Ruby Tafari, "Sister," MUHS; 2 - Caitlin Harris, "Red," CVHS; 3 - Aubrey Alcorn, "Dancing at Sunset," CVHS; Honorable Mention - Krista Oothoudt, "Vice," CVHS, Jastine Honea, "Alarm Clock," CVHS, Sarah Westervelt, "Sheep," CVHS, Regina Salazar, "Piano Keyes," CVHS

9th-10th Grade

1 - Tristan Hillman, "Full Figure Flex," MUHS; 2 - Sirilak Saengsawany, "Body in Motion," MUHS; 3 - Evelynn Paniagua-Villa, "Turtle Eating Strawberry," CVHS; Honorable Mention - Maryanne Maness, "Skull in Top Hat," CVHS, Riley McClellan, "Dancer," MUHS, Chandler Crittenden, "Green Eyes," CVHS

7th-8th Grade

1 - Sydney Swanson, "Fall Pumpkins," SMS; 2 - Brittany Medel, "Tree Life," West Sedona School; 3 - Courtney Champagne, "In My Garden," SMS; Honorable Mention - Emma Krug, "Sunflowers, SMS, Yazmin Ramirez, "Enchanted Landscape," WSS, Exiel Limones, "Wildlife," WSS

Photography (Traditional/Digital)

11th-12th Grade

1 - Sophia Licher, "Bee's Life," SRRHS; 2- Jake Singer, "Drops," SRRHS; 3 - Max Brownsberger, "Community," FALA; Honorable Mention - Emma Nguyen, "Unacquaintance," VVS, Caleb Eckert, "Child," FALA, Tia Abe, "Morph," CVHS, Shayla Jones, "Fashion Shoot," SRRHS, Will Carter, "Aspen Corner," Northland Prep

9th-10th Grade

1 - Sophie Copenhaver, "Don," SRRHS; 2 - Maryanne Maness, "Hat Boa," CVHS; 3 - Aria Levin, "Self Portrait," FALA; Honorable Mention - Dakota Johnson, "First Step," CVHS, Jake Siet, "Striped Apple," SRRHS, Karem Pasa, "Camouflage," VVS, Dapai Wang, "The End of the World," VVS

7th-8th Grade

1 - Ling Ling Ho, "Sunrise," BPS

Mixed Media 2-D

11th-12th Grade

1 - Joshua Fuller, "Fear," Northland Prep; 2 - Jaryn Rometty, "Lava Lamp," MUHS; 3 - Julie Martinez, "Space Grid," FALA; Honorable Mention - Chelsea Reay, "Hidden Words," MUHS, Tiana Hatler, "Look'n at You," SRRHS

9th-10th Grade

1 - Audrey Collette, "Retablo," FALA; 2 - Morgan Mandia, "Space," CVHS; 3 - Whitney Inchausti, "A Piece of the Puzzle," MUHS; Honorable Mention - Loralei Standish, "Bedroom Box," FALA, Kiara Jaraczewski, "Faces," MUHS

7th-8th Grade

1- Claudia Peek, "Oceanscape," MEMS; 2 - Erin Begay, "Fossil Fish," SMS; 3 - Lily Andress, "Mandala," MEMS


11th-12th Grade

1 - Ilya Filatov, "Raku Bowl," VVS; 2 - Lena Saiz, "Dicey Teapot," VVS; 3 - Xuepeng Peng, "The Pot," VVS; Honorable Mention - Katheryn Knowles, "Tree of Wisdom," MUHS, Paige Bloniarz, "Marbled Dinner Set," MUHS

9th-10th Grade

1 - Whitney Inchausti, "Iron Oxide Swan," MUHS; 2 - Amberly Jarrard, "Dragon on the Lily Pad," CVHS; 3 - Kirste Conover, "Yin Yang Bowls," MUHS; Honorable Mention - Ricky Cauich, "Slab Box," MUHS, Hanna Meyer, "Cat Cup," VVS


11th-12th Grade

1 - Ilya Filatov, "The Boot," VVS; 2 - Talia James, "Bored Child," MUHS; 3 - Jack Fan, "Bull Head," VVS; Honorable Mention - Monica Soliz, "Merica," MUHS, Christian Gallardo, "The Joker," VVS, Yiru Wang, "Peace with Nature," VVS, Tyler Suer, "Flower Garden," Rimrock Public High School

9th-10th Grade

1 - Alexa Szombathy, "Paradise," VVS; 2 - Emily Mullins, "Shark," MUHS; 3 - Marisa Garcia, "Treebeard," CVHS; Honorable Mention - Mariah Daniels, "The Mask," CVHS, Cristine Effert, "Strawberry Head," VVS

7th-8th Grade

1 - Katy Takum, "Sherlock Holmes," SMS; 2 - Lauren McClean, "Ellie," BPS; 3 - Sophia Beck, "Painful Thoughts," BPS

Enhanced Digital Graphics

No Grade Division

1 - Catina Lagomarsino, "Elements," SRRHS; 2 - Braydon Hackett, "Psycho Guitar," CVHS; 3 - Gabby Wallace, "Temporary Reality," SRRHS; Honorable Mention - Dominic Guilanard, "Sedona Performing Arts Center," SRRHS; Joel Lobaugh, "Create Tomorrow," CVHS, Eliah Edelson, "Rebirth," BPS


No Grade Division

1 - Tatijan Brienza, "The Pines," FALA; 2 - Spencer Cooley, SRRHS; 3 - Bailey Emig, "Koi Fish," FHS; Honorable Mention - Caleb Carlson, "Planet Takeover," FHS


No Grade Division

1 - Khalie Barber, "Silver Ring," SRRHS; 2 - Hannah Ringel, "Iris," BPS; 3 - Cecilia Estrada "Key to My Chastity Belt," SRRHS; Honorable Mention - Nicole Zanders, "Snow at Night," MUHS

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